Sunday, November 22

Finger candies

Been a bit busy in the past couple days. Trying to sort things out with editorials, trips and other projects.  Took some photos but haven't had the time to upload them yet! :)

But, I thought it would be more interesting to show you my collection of jewelry, that I have acquired in the past two months.  Anyone who knows me, knows I am a ring fanatic.  I purchase one like every other day.  Love this porcelain hand holder thing my mom bought for me since she knows I lose things all the time and I should have a designated hand holder.  Too bad it doesn't fit a fifth of what I have.... So, just the new rings!:)

Designer run-through? Keep it brief.  There is a lot of KD (my friend's brand) and AGATHA.  Some Mikimoto, Vivienne Westwood, Folli Follie, Givenchy and H&M.  Some other Italian brands <3

My recent favorite? Bought this crazy handcuff ring yesterday. Can you spot it?