Monday, October 26

Legging it up


Wearing: Aldo heels, Princess Zipper dress

It's been a super long weekend.  Finally was able to catch up on some sleep and some editorial work, but now that everything has caught up, I am hesistant to see what happens when I return from my trip in Japan! Oh dear... I have been thinking excessively about winter and cold temperatures.  What I could do with furry coats and long dresses, lots of lace, glitter and leather boots.  Oh... *dreamy*..... Having dinner with Oliver Goldsmith of OG when I return with the launch of Jimmy Choo and lots of charity shows coming up. 


Hmmm.... Have an article to write about love, something really general.  In a way, general is good, but general is also too broad.  It resulted in some 3 a.m staring at a piece of paper with some illegible scribbles.  Yes, I still do the old fashion, write on a piece of paper action.  I have to write something about love....

What do you think I should write about? Who will be my muse.....


I received the media kit days ago but I haven't been able to post my favourite products up! So, here are Editor's Picks for Jimmy Choo for H&M.  Love how simple the collection is.

Love how chainy this bracelet is.  Perfect for layering!

Err.... how dope is this? Going to get it. Must get it.  Mesh, studs, diamonds and everything beautiful in the world.....

It's the perfect slouchy bag with the snake-skin detail.... love it!:)

My winter staple.... I love everything about this...

Ummm.... can we say sexy times? Full-on pleather. Yes Sir.

I love Jimmy Choo. Leather, studs, diamonds and all.
See you on November 14th! I am buying everything.