Wednesday, September 16

Thigh-high = Too high?

Boots: Christian Louboutin

It's one of those trends I have my reservations about. Like... I can see how it could work but I could also see how it couldn't. Traditional boots that we wore in the past tend to hit right below the knee-cap. The definition of thigh-high boots is that it passes your knee and hits 3-4 inches up your thigh. So yes, the pair of shoes above look gorgeous standing by itself but place a pair of human legs inside and it could be a disaster.

Boots: Taken directly from a Pole Dancing Website

Thigh-high boots need to be the following things:

Has to have a heel, without a heel to elongate the leg a bit, might make you end up looking stumpy and short.

If doesn't have a heel, make sure that it doesn't past your kneecap to avoid looking like a smurf gone wrong.

The boots have to be TIGHT, skin tight, the purpose is for it to feel like second skin. Unless you are a model on a runway, thigh-high boots should never be loose like rainboots.

ALWAYS pick black, no brown, no dark brown no other color. It just doesn't work.

To avoid looking unsavory and pole-dancer like, stick to simple designs. Remember for such trendy things, less is more.

Now, for a good example of how it should be worn, we should look at the runway pictures. What we can notice is that with these boots, everything tends to be pretty short. That's the best wayt to wear it because no one can deny that these boots do a optical illusion and make your leggies look shorter. So, the only way to balance it out is to make your hem-line shorter. While it looks good on runway, let's see how A-listers transform this questionable trend to real life.

How to do casual wear?

From left to right: Carrie Underwood, Hilary Duff, Kate Moss

Turns out in real life, we can not walk out of the house wearing only underwear or butt-skimming dresses. Take hints from these stars and layer leggings (Kate is wearing jean leggings) paired with an oversize top. Keep the outfit minimal and within the same color scheme.

How to wear it dressed-up?

Dressed up, I think this is the best way I have seen it, even better than Posh Spice. Simple black dress, loud accessories and a mink coat. I am not sure about you but I love the way a little bit of fur makes the whole outfit super glam. Posh does it ok but I think it looks kinda weird with the heel-less bit? How does she walk? No wonder she has to constantly lean on her arm candy, not that I would mind.

David and Victoria Beckham

Thought this was a new trend? Think not. The stylist of the movie, The Devil Wears Prada, saw this trend light years ahead and dressed Anne Hathaway in these thigh-high boots. I must say... She looks good. Better than anyone I have seen wear these boots.

Like they say, live it up. Up, up & up.
Keep it simple, keep it cool and keep it you.