Monday, September 14

Gossip Girl: Anna Sui for Target

Quite a clever ploy I must say, to link stars of the young fashion elite with the mass production retailer Target, resulting in a collaboration with Anna Sui. I like Anna Sui, but a glance at her Target line seems like a rather half-assed effort on her part. Anna Sui is known for girly printed smocks, adorned with black lace and geometric shapes and floral prints. Even though it's for a mass chain line, I expected the designs to speak more of Ms. Sui instead of an agency who just took her name and stapled it onto clothes which matched her similar color palette. Disappointing. (Actually.. it's an okay line, I am just being cynical. What do you expect for $9.99?

Even worse still is that the opening party for Anna Sui for Target called for the attendance of A-listers from the Gossip Girl crew. All of them looked old and horrible and not like their usual self. Except for Blake Lively, that blonde bombshell who always looks good.

Pictured here: (left) Blake Lively (right) Anna Sui

Taylor Momsen: I am one of the only people in my group of friends who commend what she does and how she dresses. Except today, she looks exactly how my friend described her, "trashy little girl." Sure platinum blonde hair is cute but not blatant hair extensions. And that lip stick? Sure we love True Blood but no reason to go all vampire-ish in real life!

Jessica Szohr: She is beautiful, natural curly hair and great complexion but... she has been losing too much weight. Jess looks good but not like a healthy, fuller version of herself in the movie. And... what's she wearing, it's good for showing off her wash-board belly but Britney Spear's 'Hit me baby one more time' tops are soooooo last season.

Pictured here: (left) Michelle Trachtenberg (right) Jessica Szohr

Penn Badgley: I like him. Really do, loved the nerds in high school but he just looks untaken care of, not even in a cool scruffy way. Forgive me, I am sick, grumpy and Typhoon level 8 is threatening to hit HK. Nothing is good enough for me. I still think you are hot Penn, I promise.

Now...not to be snotty but where is Blair Waldorf, Chuck Bass ? Off doing something scandalous? I hope so..

xoxo, Gossip Girl