Friday, September 18

Every Girl's Dream: Hermes Birken

It was this Hermes Birken bag which sprouted all the hype and glee in the fashion world, when the waiting list for this bag escalated from hundreds to thousands. Fashion for long waiting lists and impossibly high prices, it's a mark of the rich and elite to be able to have this coveted arm candy. While this crocodile skin bag is fashion-savvy and ultimately very cool, it stands to be remembered that it's important to dress to the bag as well.

Hermes sets a high standard for style, design and quality. One of the main reasons why there are limited numbers of bags is that all of them as meticulously crafted over an extended period of time. So, after that 18 months on the waiting list, everyone should wear that bag properly.

Victoria Beckham: This woman is rumored to have 100 plus one of these bag and I must say, she pulls it off really well. Obviously, it has to do with years of experience with using these expensive leather goods but perusal of her outfits revealed that her bags were color coordinated with her outfits. Sometimes, even her kids. :)

Katie Holmes: Even better, what I really want is this oversized Birken bag, it is a bit less structured and bit more slouchy, allowing for it to be dressed up or dressed down. By selecting a warmer red color and not the stark red like Vic from above, it doesn't necessary have to color-co-ordinate to look good. Better yet, great for travelling in style.

Mary-Kate Olsen: Always the other twin to be known for your womanly, classy style, she rocks the Birken how the younger generation would did it High heels, t-shirt, jeans and a glam arm accessory. With of course, a Starbucks latte in hand.

Nichole Richie: As she grows older, she gets better with her style. While Birkins come in loads of colors, I think black is always the most dependable and sturdy color. Do what Nichole did and throw in burst of color amidst the black with colorful nails and accessories. Remember not to super-style your wardrobe when you have a statement bag.

Most importantly, please don't pull a Lindsay Lohan and use the bag sloppy (look at the bag, looks a bit lost), dress sloppy or look sloppy while using a Hermes Birkin. She looks better fitted as a bag lady.

Remember, there is no such thing as an ugly woman, there are only lazy women.

Love yourself. :)