Saturday, September 12

September 11, 2001

The day this image captured the nation...
Today, did a moment of silence for September 11 in the office. I gathered all 16 of us in my office and was like... Let's offer a moment of silence to the people who died and the family they have left behind. I expected it to be a brief thing but they started sitting down on the floor with their heads in their hands,leaning against the cupboards. Being really quiet and pensive. Then, someone said, "these are the days where I am constantly reminded of how fragile life could be." It adapted the atmosphere of pin-drop quiet and I didn't even dare clear my throat. One girl started sniffing. So, I stood up, motioned to my front receptionist to follow me out of the room and closed my room door behind me. I told her to put all phones on hold and to forward it all to voicemail and I called Starbucks Coffee and ordered everyone coffees, sandwiches and cakes. Walked back in and nothing changed, they were all super quiet. One guy said, " today reminds me of a day where thousands of families feel the same pain I felt when I lost my wife 4 weeks after marrying her." One was a sister fighting cancer, another was father in some freak accident. Everyone has had their brush with losing someone.

Not even in relation to death, but just in different ways, like to lose a brother to drugs or a girlfriend to anorexia. The pain and loss was tangible and heartbreaking. I felt like I was reading a chicken soup novel but the truth is, we are all human beings and sometimes not talking about our problems doesn't mean we don't have problems. I felt a bit overwhelmed actually and just wished that all of them would go back to work, but a part of me wanted to be able to allow them to speak of the things that made them upset and down. It turned into this huge group therapy session and the coffee proved to be very well-received.

I like to think I live a bit differently than some people. I live with a tenacity, will and determination and an unfulfilled thirst for improvement and adventure. I like to take chances and place unquestioning trust in people. I can't honestly say that I live everyday to the fullest and have no regrets, but I try to do things with reason and compassion. Once a year, I am reminded of how fragile life is, how vulnerable we all really are, or when it seems like we are on-top of the world one moment but to be strike down the next.

To all the wives who lost husbands, we love.
To all the children who lost parents, we help.
To all the parents who lost children, we learn.
To all the families who lost someone, we remember.

September 11, 2009 is one day in a year, but it's one day which changed the way our society governs, functions and receives. It's a day where the infrastructure of the strongest country in the world fell apart, physically and emotionally. We should constantly remember that hubris always strikes at the most fitting time.

I will love, help and learn.
Most importantly of all, I will remember.

Love, Valerie