Friday, September 11

A whimsical genius caught redhanded

In the summer of 2005 Irini Arakas was working as a fashion features editor at Vogue. There she made her boss, Vogue features director Sally Singer, a necklace as a gift. Sally loved it. So did many others. Soon she was selling her jewels in luxury shops such as Kirna Zabete.
Now, no longer an editor at Vogue, she has started her new line of accessories, previous to other blogs, I wrote about her skull-licious necklace which I wanted right away. I literally spent the better part of my day formulating how I could possibily come up with something that looks remotely similar. It involved lots of hooks, mood rings, diamond clusters and skull beads. But, I won't even attempt to do a pathetic imitation of her masterpiece.

Even more still, I saw this scarf thing... and let me say no more, behold... something whimsical, playful, flirty, yet new.....