Monday, September 14

Love that trench

Writing something for Hong Kong Tatler called "Investment pieces" where I wrote about clothing items we can purchase and be happy with it for the rest of our lives! And one of my favorite items is the classic, Burberry Mackintosh. Ohhh... where do I start? It's one of those things that go with everything and anything. Paired with a tiny night dress, it oozes sophistication and style. Worn with leather boots, urban comfort. It's a versatile jacket which embodies everything important and essential about Burberry, one of my favorite go-to brands.

Look at the fall 09 Burberry campaign with Emma Watson. It's so beautiful and simple. That's how the Mackintosh should be worn. Tousled hair, smoky eyes, muted color, huge semi structured and slouchy bag. Perfect.

Look at David Blasberg and Mary-Kate Olsen. Suitable for males and females. Depending on personal style, it dresses the jacket differently. Love it.

Coming back to Emma Watson. Some people argue that she is plain and snobby-looking, but I like her young style and elegance. Look at this thing she did for Burberry.

Recognize that Prorsum Dress made out of feathers that everyone from Agyness Dean to Kate Bosworth wore? I think Emma still wore it best. Pale Skin, loose hair up-do. She is one person we have to look out for.