Wednesday, September 23

My seafood look like aliens

That's me in the purple-ness. Wearing KD dress, Balenciaga tote, Lucky shoes

Day 2: Spent the WHOLE day shopping, will post my finds in the next blog because this blog is dedicated to everything that lives under the sea.
Kidding. No. Not kidding.

Look at the girl in the picture, she has a "whoaaa"face/stance.

Went to a big seafood market in Macau and my oh my, look at all that seafood. It was like they were sitting there thinking, "I am going to get eaten. Too bad I need water, if not I would fly away." I was kinda tired from shopping so while I was looking at all these critters, I mumbled to myself and then said out loud, "My.... they kind of look like... whoa.... aliens." Don't laugh, seriously though, pay a bit more attention and all these sea creatures look like they are from the movie aliens. Like these octopus, they have a oblong shaped head like the aliens. See?

And shrimp! they kind of have that same exo-skeleton as the guys from the Predator movies. I was going to proceed to upload more photos but I reminded myself that I am not I think I sound a bit crazy, might be the sugar kicking in from all that ice-cream I was throwing back.

Had a good time in Macau. Loved the food. Well... some of it?