Wednesday, September 23

Gifts from London: Oliver Goldsmith :)

Wearing: Oliver Goldsmith Vice Consul frames in tortoise shell, KD necklace, Second Me dress, H&M earrings

WOOPIE! Got a package from London today from Oliver Goldsmith, my eye-wear buddy and founder of the eyewear empire! I am so honored to be able to don these once-upon a time glasses I thought I would never be able to wear since they are sooooo pricey. I am wearing the Vice Consul frames in tortoise shell, but my favorite is the Tula sunglasses in autumn honey.
Look at the lovely letter that came with it!
Oliver, I am going to take you to a nice dinner!:) Will wear my frames!
My two frames!!

Love the OG empire and the things they stand for! Timeless elegance, grace and everlasting style. No wonder there was a celebrity following of Hilary Duff, Nicole Richie and Gwyneth Paltrow. All very stylish ladies. Glad to join the ranks.
P.S. If anyone is curious, I met Oliver at an interview I did for Beats Magazine earlier this year at his Hong Kong stop during his asian tour.

In the words of Oliver Goldsmith, "Why do you change clothes every day, but not your frames? I believe every women should have a closet of frames to choose from."
I agree. I want more! :)