Wednesday, September 23

I am glad I am not a shark.

Day 1: After my lonely adventure at the cinema watching The Proposal, I was filled with warm feelings of love and hope. With a light heart and high spirits, I boarded the ferry to embark my my food tasting tour in Macau, a city just a boat ride away from Hong Kong. It's this little Portuguese town which still, quite fondly, contains some of that small town charm with the big day casinos. Loving the very European architecture and the use of tiles in seemingly everything, from the pavement to the street sign on the walls. All tiles! Had some curry goodness and pineapple rice in ... dun dun dun... PINEAPPLES! wooohoooo.

(look at these tiny cute pineapples... :))

Alright, here comes the sensitive issue. When I was on this eating tour and turned into this lovely looking alleyway, didn't expect to be trying weird shit, knew I was going to be trying different stuff. So, when it was time for some shark's fin soup. I wasn't down. At all. I spent the greater part of my high school years as a member of the coral monitoring team. So, it's lots of oceanic knowledge and awareness. It's hard for me to eat something knowing that fisherman take the shark, chop off the fin and throw the fish back in! :( And, leave them to die, bleeding to death. I only watched when the others ate.

(Shark's fin soup... spoon is showing the fin... )

Look at these pictures and tell me you still want to try shark's fin. It's just cruel.. it's like me chopping off your butt cheeks because it's soft meat and leaving you to die....

So... that kinda ended my night for me, in terms of food! Stayed at the Alvita, the newest 6-star hotel in Macau. Yay! Ended the night, gambling away and losing money. Not much, that's good.

End of Day 1! Happy Macau! Be good, don't eat sharks.