Monday, September 21

I want to get married!

Hmmm... Watched this in the cinemas by myself while waiting for my ferry to Macau. It was one of those chick-flicks that I expected to watch and forget about. But knowing myself, I cry at anything that involves corny love stories and sappy endings. Love it. So, it's one of those conventional love stories where you aren't suppose to fall in love and they end up doing exactly that.

Sandra Bullock isn't my favorite actress but I really liked the way she was portrayed in this movie. She was super luxe all the way, decked in Louboutins, touting an oaky orange Hermes Birkin Bag and dragging Louis Vuitton luggage all the way. Kind of adored the way Ryan Reynolds complimented her with his scruffy boy-next-door look.

Funnier yet, never ever seen a women propose on the big screen. Seems like it's taboo for Hollywood to show that women are capable of making our own decisions? I would totally propose. As a matter of fact, I am down with getting married. Spending the rest of my committed to a guy who adores me. Who would say no? This is one of those chick flicks we all wish to be and hate at the same time.

p.s. What I loved most? Was when Sandra Bullock had to get off her knees and resorted to hell-tipping-no-touching-floor maneuvering. Very real. :)

Happy tastings now.