Monday, August 31

I love you.

I used to write about love all the time, because I felt that if I wasn't in love, it would allow me to write a more objective piece about the confounding impacts of this mysterious emotion. In the past month, I have rarely broached this subject for the very reason that: I am in love. As a consequence, I only see fair to share what I feel when I am in this protecting and seemingly perfect bubble of wonderful vibes.

Like everyone around me, I have been in love and fallen out of love. I have been hurt once and swore never to shed tears again... only to repeat the same process all over. Some say that the harder you fall, the harder it is to stand up again. I am not sure if it's part of my personality but I don't let one experience hinder me from experiencing the full potential of another relationship. What I am, is extremely cautious and aware.

One love after the next, I swore I knew what love was. I wrote columns, articles and thesis proclaiming the ridiculous nature of love and built a reputation about the knowledge of this very feeling. Yet, each love was different but made every single one made me feel a certain way. I knew I was in love when:

  1. I wanted to see him every day, every night

  2. The first thing I want to do is share my good news with him

  3. Seeing him gave my stomach fluttery butterflies

  4. Speaking to him place smiles on my face

  5. I wanted to be with him instead of with my friends

  6. I would forego my favorite concert if he was sick

  7. I defended him when everyone disagreed with him

  8. He doted on me with lavish attention

  9. He remember my favorite nail polish, what I drank for breakfast and how I liked my salads

  10. He made me feel better with his funny jokes and smiles

  11. He tolerated the fact I like Disney Princesses and played along with me.

Yet, everyday, we fall in love and fall out of love. But today, I think I found the one. How do I know? Because this one specifically feels different than all the other ones. I know that he is the one because:

  1. I can see myself spending the rest of my life with him, and after that, I would do it all over again.

  2. Not only do I want to share good news with him, I want to share bad news, exciting news and all news in between. He is my best friend.

  3. Seeing him fills my body with contentment and satisfaction

  4. Thinking of him places a 100 dollar smile on my face

  5. I would rather spend the rest of my life with him than doing anything else. Would do anything with him.

  6. This relationship is 50/50. Our affection is equally generous. He thinks the world of me and I think the world of him.

  7. Not only does he remember my favorite salad, he makes the salad for me during lunch.

  8. He makes me smile even when he's mad and he smiles when I smile.

  9. Even though he is a full-grown man, he took me to Disneyland because he knew I like the princess.

I am someone who commits one hundred percent in a relationship. I think relationships are dark holes which takes consistency, honesty and loyalty. The components to a relationship is simple, but whether we can put it into practice, is a different question.

Love more, Give more, Get more.

Love, Valerie

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