Thursday, September 3

Chanel 'Choco' Phone: Finally possible?

Even though I am what most people would call the newer and modern generation. It still mindboogles me whenever technological advances happen so rapidly that what seems like an inconceivable idea becomes something as close as an expensive product. Recently, went to the press launch of th world's first transparent design phone: LG GD900. It has a transparent keyboard made out of tempered glass! So basically, touch pad on glass? I played with it for a bit and that stuff is amazing.

Go here to see the first transparent design:

Call me silly but I am utterly amazed at the advancement of technology nowadays. It seems like anything is possible and possible. I remember when I watched Tom Cruise's Minority Report, I thinking how far fetched and different there world seems to be. It's one thing to showcase these phones at the technology fairs but an even more startling thing when it's officially released to all available consumers. While some might expect the price to be sky rocketing due to the new technology, but the phone goes for a reasonable USD$400.

A couple month ago, the Chanel "CHOCO" phone design was released. Half the people who saw the design commented on it's simplicity and sleek shape, elements ringing close and true to Chanel. Yet, other people questioned how technology is advanced to a point where two glass panels can make a phone?

No doubt though, the Chanel "CHOCO" phone no longer seems like a far and distant reality but instead one, where all us Chanel-loving girls, can come in touch with.

Picture attached: Chanel "CHOCO" phone.