Tuesday, February 15


  • Got this adorable owl thing from Japan and it has this blow-glass thing going with gold leafing in the back which creates this ruffled feathered thing
  • Roger Vivier gift with the new Miss X fabric, kind of has this cool effect of freshly painted laquer. Heart.
  • La Perla fashion show at the Mandarin Oriential.  New Trend? Who says less is more?
  • Big meetings require me to step up the corporate look.  Got comments that I look like a cross between a flight attendant and an equestrian rider
  • Valentine's day cupcakes are good to look at and even better when they taste so heavenly
  • Best thing about Korean BBQ is the hundreds of plates we get to use.
  • I like making funny faces which contorts my face into weird shapes!
  • Finally, Janet Jackson. :)

  • 得到这个丛日本来的很可爱的猫头鹰, 上面有类似吹玻璃的东西, 后面有金色像翅膀般的叶子
  • Roger Vivier礼物和Miss X新的布料, 有一点像刚涂上去的油漆很酷的效果. 喜欢.
  • 于文华东方酒店举行的La Perla时装秀.  新潮流? 谁说少即多的?
  • 大会议规范我要穿得很专业.  得到了我像空中小姐和马术师的评语
  • 情人节的杯子蛋糕很漂亮而且有像天堂般的味道
  • 韩国烧烤最好的地方是我们可以用很多盘子.
  • 我喜欢做扭曲我的脸型的鬼脸!
  • 最后, Janet Jackson. :)