Sunday, October 10



Sometimes, I think I am a bit simple with my thoughts.  I forget about ulterior motives, hidden agendas and malicious behaviors.  I forget that no one EVER acts in a lateral manner, most of the time choosing to be cryptic about things they are uncertain of.  So, it constantly surprises me when certain event completely derail the instituion of logic I believe in. 

Lately, I am very open to admitting that I make mistakes and that my opinion may not be the best one or only one.  Some see it as a sign of weakness, some as humble acceptance but I see it as a learning process.  I have realized that every day you learn something new.  When it seems like things can't get worse, you learn that "Yes, it can."  This has prepared me quite well for the past week.  So, I try to remain positive, I tell myself that problems can't solve themselves if you complain about them, try to solve them.

Yet, some things aren't solvable.  I have spent the last 4 years writing columns and in the last couple months, I kept telling myself that this next column would be the last one, hoping that if I get to write less about relationships, maybe I wouldn't be so critical about the next one.  Months after my supposed "final column", I suddenly had a moment of clarity which involved the following thoughts.

Real friends are like constants, regardless of the market share, the value never changes.
Friends are like derivatives, depending on the function... the value changes.
Expectation is like depreciation, when improper investments and time results in a drop in the value.

Who knew finance could be so useful?
Off to write my final column now!


有时候, 我想我的思想有点简单.  我忘了别有用心的动机, 隐藏的议程和恶意的行为.  我忘了从来没有人水平思考, 很多时候选择保秘他们不确定的事.  所以, 某些事情完全荒废了我相信的逻辑的时候常常给我惊喜. 

最近, 我很开放承认自己的过失承认我的意见不一定是最好的或唯一的.  有些人把这看成一种弱势, 有些看成谦虚的接受但我看成一个学习的过程.  我发现每天你都在学习新的东西.  当事情看来不能再坏, 你学到 "对的, 它可以."  这在过去的礼拜里帮了我做好准备.  于是, 我试图保持正面, 我告诉自己问题不能自然解决的与其不断投诉, 倒不如试试解决它们.

不过, 有些事情是不可能解决的.  我花了过去的4年写作而在过去的几个月, 我不断跟自己说这下一编将是最后一编, 希望如果我少写一点关于爱情的, 可能我不会对下一段恋情太苛刻.  我本来的 "最后一编"的几个月后, 我突然有一刻醒觉.

真心的朋友像常数, 无论市场份额, 数值永远不变.
朋友像衍生物, 根据函数... 数值会变.
期望像折旧, 当不当投资和时间造成数值的下降.