Friday, May 14

From Down Under

ph. from Blackberry


Gold Coast, near-death injury & Byron Bay


From Australian Fashion Week to fishing in Byron Bay, my brief week in Australia was amazing.  It reminded me a bit of home, a bit of openess and lots of smiles.  Not sure what it was, but people were super nice to me while I was there.  Silly statement to make, yet I received lots of smiles, open gestures and made lots of new friends. 

It felt like a different sort of trip, really relaxed, laid-back and real.  It made me feel like I had to re-evaluate the way I live my life and the certain sort of lifestyle I would like to live.  Most of all, I nearly died in the strong waves of Byron Bay.  I felt like I was drowning and luckily had someone there to save me.  When something like this happens, you become thankful. 

My dear readers, (it's surprising who reads this), thank you for your continuous support and I promise to pick up a new USB reader to share with you the beautiful photos I have brought back with me.