Thursday, March 4

My antiques

I am quite the consumerist.  I spend almost 50 percent of my income buying everything useless and pretty.  But once spring cleaning comes along, I would be more than happy to pass it to anyone who goes, "Ooo, that looks nice." Yet, there are things that I still keep as a reminder of my happy childhood days.  First up, my Hello Kitty collection, all things I wore as a child.  :)

Speaking of things as old as me, I recently received something very meaningful from a wonderful gentlemen. He gave me his 1983 vintage Bedtime Bear, the one he hugged to sleep.  Darling, can I get an 'awwwwww'? Yes, it's super sweet.  Get this... it was made in Hong Kong, so 1983 bear, welcome home!  That indian tepee? Grabbed that from the Capliano Bridge tourist store in Vancouver 15 years ago.  It's adorable.

What treasures do you have hidden?