Sunday, March 7

Going Neutral

Wearing: Elly dress, Balenciaga Tote, Project Eyewear glasses, Vivienne Tam platform heels

Like most people, I tend to gravitate towards darker colors like black, black and sometimes black.  Recently though, I have been trying to experiment with different color combinations, tending to step towards the ligter side.  I find that greys, plum-beige and brown tinted colors work well with almost everyone.  Hence, today's dress... short, floaty and girly.

To keep it from becoming as ungirly as possible, I always throw on chunky jewelry.  A recent favorite is this chunky silver necklace my friend sourced for me.  It's really heavy and carries a bit of weight to it but I think the robotic like qualities makes the outfit less Quaint Mary?

This pair of sunnies are the best every.  I like the fact that it comes in a rather odd color, allowing me to mingle with the vegetation and also the fact that it covers HALF my face.  Best of all, super light-weight.  My friend, Alfred designs these himself and I suggest checking out his store for one-of-a-kind frames.  I never worry about wearing the same one as the girl standing next to me on the train....

Big sunnies rock, do you have yours yet?