Thursday, February 18

Rising from the Mist

Courtesy of: Onsen at The Vale

Happy Chinese New Year! After repeated phone calls, messages and e-mails basically saying, "Valerie.... where in the WORLD are you?", I have decided that my vacation is long over.  In this period of time, I have thought a bit, laughed a lot and never cried.  I can honestly say that it's one of the best experiences of my life, I love the freedom.  Freedom from social constraints, expectations and love.  In that time, I loved nobody but myself.  Valentine's Day, like last year, was just another day.  To me, I am ok with that. 

During this time, I spent my days in places like this.  A relaxing pool of warmth and minerals, contemplating my next step to discovering my direction and contribution.  The geography in Niseko is gifted with these natural springs and each other is different from the next.  Yet, all of them have one similar property...medically beneficial.  An excellent excuse for daydreaming.

On that note, thank you for supporting me through this time!
What's next? Updates, updates, updates!