Friday, February 19

Love in Motion

Over the course of the years, my best writing revolves around the topic of love.  Not really love, but the many issues surrounding love: heartache, loss, betrayal and disappointment.  Some may find this rather negative but I would like to make a cynical statement in saying that all good things are only defined by the bad ones.  Once every year, towards Valentine's Day, I would write a letter to myself reinforcing the ideas I believe to be so true in love.  This year, I witheld.  Witheld, because for the first time, I am not sure.

Like every girl, I believed in the idea of a prince and the "happily-ever-after" ending.  The idea that the first  and final love is the purest form of love there is.  Yet, I only realized this several relationships down the road when I started comparing the current one to the previous one, sometimes even to the unknown future possibilities.  I call it, living in comparision.  Loving in comparision is perhaps the most unfair, selfish and pointless thing to do in a relationship.  Many of us, do it though as a "live and learn" experience.  The question is, do we carry our experiences with us or start afresh with a every new beginning?

Loving me isn't difficult or stressful, but it does require patience, dedication and understanding.  For me to love you, it doesn't require money or material objects, but rather a mutual unspoken communication.  Love feels like the plunge down from the roller coaster, overwhelming, thrilling and too fast.  Love is all about falling out of control, yet catching yourself right before you hit the ground.  Stepping in love makes us realize that this feeling hits spontaneously in the most curious of places.  Feeling in love pushes us to bathe in the glow of excessive positive emotions and to be a better person.  Yet all of us react differently to love. 

There are some people you will meet, who seem perfect in every single way.  Only for you to realise that they are perfect, just not perfect for you.
There are more people who seem average and boring, only for you to discover the more colorful and vibrant layer underneathe. 
Then, there are the people you go about your daily life with, only to realise that when they left, the person you loved was right next to you the whole time. 
Finally, there are the people you meet who you don't give much regard or credit, only to end up falling heads over heels in love. 

I love. I really do.
But I hope to love with the same compassion and openess as I have witnessed from going to these zoos.  We all wish for someone to spend the rest of our lives with. 
All I really wish for is someone to spend each and every present minute with. 
Good times, happy times, all the time. 

There is so much more, I have to learn,
but if you're here with me, I know which way to turn.