Saturday, October 17

Losing direction


Wearing: Cecil dress, D&G heels, Aldo clutch

There are times in a day when we all feel frazzled, burned out and unaware of our surroundings, except for me, I have been in a perpetual daze.  I guess that's what happens when you take on too many project at one time.  *sigh*



That huge red thing behind me? It's a huge red compass given by the government to take a step towards environmentally friendly design.  So when the setting sun comes about, it casts the time of the day on the floor based on the shadows.  Super cool.

Also... love my batwing dress! it's super cool! Had my arms up half the time to show you that detail! Hope I don't look retarded!

Went to watch "The Ugly Truth" starring Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler.  Hmmmm... Not too sure I agree with the concepts of attraction in the movie but I think for the most part generalizations do apply to a certain extent? Where women are more emotional and men are more crass and primal in their attitude towards attraction?

Cute? Kinda.. it's a massive chick flick. Complete with blonde hair inserts, lacy bras and good-looking topless men!:)

and the best part?

The Ugly Truth Restricted Clip - For more funny movies, click here

OHHHHH YES!!!! I am clearing out my wardrobe because I am moving soon!! Have to clear everything by January.  So, let's see if you can score some good deals.  I have started a "Shopping with Marley" blog, which you can find on the sidebar.... Take a look! Happy Shopping! Just click on icon below!

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