Friday, October 2

Calendar Personalities

No outfit upload today! :(
Today the spotlight will be redirected someplace else!

Aside from working on my magazines and tv shows, I have been setting up a 7 blogger blogsite where a group of young people just have a orderly forum to express our own opinions. Each of us are well-informed in that aspect. It's really exciting. We have had a lot of support for our blog.

Oh yes! PARTY TIME. We will be throwing an official launch party for our blog in November! Endorsed by the lovely Glateau Vitaminwater! Please come! will keep you updated.

Without any furthur adue, allow me to introduce the bloggers from Calendar Personalities:

These are all temporary banners with random photos, but we have our themed photoshoot tomorrow! How exciting! We have a photographer from New York, Kenneth Chau, who would be doing our photos! Early morning!!! Let you know how the photo shoot goes!

This new blog is a forum for good bloggers to discuss issues that are important and relevant to us. It would be great to have your support! Going to be lots of fun events coming up! The blog is also managed by me and can be found at .

Curious... Do you consider Sunday the start of the week? Or Monday?

oh yes!! The magazine I am an editor at, COUTURE MAGAZINE, is coming out OCTOBER 10th. AVAILABLE IN BOOKSTORES! PLEASE SUPPORT!