Thursday, September 10

Glitter my mind

So, opened my email and saw this on-line catalouge of beautiful jewelry and wish to share with the world how amazing our creative minds in jewelry design has become. It's absolutely amazing. It's literally something that puts smiles on my face and make all the bad things go away!

Prova- Ex Vogue editor Irini Arakas never fails to amaze me, with her feather-inspiration scarf (IT item for the fall/winter season), she has yet again amazed me with this skull-feast, diamond clusters apparation. I expect it to ward off all evil spirits and detect my mood with this versatile and crazy design. I WANT IT!!

Shourouk- From far away, it seems like a bunch of jewels adorning the necklace when in fact, it's actually multiple faux jewels and varying in the different kinds of glittery materials, such as sequins, beads ! Shows that alternating textures and materials can make each item interesting and very classy.

Giles & Brothers- Love the idea of multiple widths with chains and stacking them together. Even alternating the colors is a good thing! I sense a huge DIY campaign coming up! just experimenting with the different things to do with chains!

Eric Beamon- A very contemporary and classic twist off the traditional crowned jewel necklace, difference is, this one has intertwining gold chains with tiny pearl details!