Thursday, June 16


Loving the rainy days.
Means allowing myself to dress in sandals, shorts and everything associated with chilled-out weather.  
ph/Blade Pro
Stopped by the Vicious Venom space today and saw Kelly who was a sweetheart and accessorized me at RAFW.  
Lovely space with lots of spiky-chainy things which makes me want to go a little more hardcore than I should.
This crochet top I am wearing has that rusty pea green quality to it which makes me want to prance in the prairie fields.
From the same store in Taiwan, found this lace dress which slightly resembles my grandma's curtain but managed to magnetize me to this flowly mass of girly fabric.  Still trying to figure out how to wear it... 
It's been a long couple days with work dropping like rain from the sky: a steady and consistent flow of work and work.
I need to re-focus.