Tuesday, August 18

Stylish Resurface

As a fashion editor, I get all the cool press releases and updates for the upcoming winter/fall season and to my surprise, (Not really), this next season is all about cleaning up and bringing out the inner lady in you. A season heralding the back to basics look, it's a look that is easy to do and can transcend every winter season. Take hints from this Clements Ribeiro -Frogged wool and cashmere coat priced at £1,356.52 on Net-a-porter. It's super chic, girly and utterly timeless.

Take hints from the legendary MJ:
Go feminine and girly with a strong structured shoulders with sharp contrasting colors with accessories.

Note to readers: Not that I have that many readers.... but I have been busy for the past couple months sorting out my TV show, hanging out with the boyfriend and just getting my editorial life on track... and now! I am back. For good. :)